Hi there! I'm Tiffany and I'm here to help you tell a story about, well, pretty much anything you want! If you don't know what tale you'd like to tell, I'm here to assist with that too!

I grew up in the Midwest where I met my best friend turned husband. We're high school sweethearts with a passion for exploring new places and adventure! Our first matter of business after getting married was adopting our first fur-baby, Ollie (the curly-haired cutie). Not long after, we knew he needed a sibling, so, enter his little-big brother Baxter (the big-boi with the floppy ears). Animals are the best! If you are questioning if you should bring your fur-children to our session, the answer is always yes! 

We've lived all over the US: from the Midwest to Colorado to Oregon to South Carolina to even a van! Yes, we bought a van, named her Vivian, converted her into a tiny home on wheels and lived out of Viv full-time! All that to say, if you are up for an adventure, I'm your girl! Give me all the high country summits with 2 AM wake-up calls. Count me in for all of the treks through the marsh to that secluded beach. But, if you are looking for something more traditional, I got you too! We had a traditional wedding and those speak to my heart so much as well! The mountains are my happy place. But, the ocean is quickly growing on me! How can you not be in awe seeing dolphins swimming in the wild?!


To me, photos can document a moment in way words cannot. This is one of the most beautiful parts of photography to me, story-telling. Photos can capture a majestic mountain range, an awe-inspiring sunset, a life-changing marriage kiss, the joy of new parents, and so many more unforgettable moments. Photos are timeless and they freeze memories so they can be treasured forever.  I would love to capture these special moments for you!